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Jeez, I never post anymore and when I do it's never really much of anything.

Today will be no different. LOL Work is work. Sometimes okay, sometimes no so okay. My conscience nags me about every little thing I may have possibly done wrong, so I don't sleep well if I don't feel like I did a good enough job at work. Me and my stupid issues.

Anyway, on one of the things that always makes me happy: music! Time for a new list. One of these days I'll do some reviews or a music pimp post or something.

J-Music Releases I'm Looking Forward To

ACO - devil's hands (10/6)
People In The Box - Family Record (10/6)
detroit7- Nude (10/6)
Fukurouzu - Gomen ne(10/6)
iLL - Minimal Maximum (10/13)
Miyavi - What's My Name? (10/13)
Kanjani8 - 8UPPERS (10/20)
BRIGHT - In Harmony (10/20)

To be continued. I'm too lazy to look anymore at the moment. XD

i can haz muziks?

With all the upcoming j-releases, I need to make a list of CDs I want so I can keep track.

Sakanaction - Identity (8/4)
the telephones - We love telephones (8/4)
0.8-byou to Shougeki - Ethno Funky... somethin (8/4)
kinoco hotel - Marianne No Kyuujitsu (8/4)
Miura Daichi - The Answer (8/18)
HanaH - I'm Not Alone (8/25)
Kanjani8 - Life (8/25)

OGRE YOU ASSHOLE / Ukarete iru hito (9/1)
V6 - only dreaming / Catch (9/1)
NEWS - LIVE (9/15)
Miyavi - Torture (9/15)
Ling Tosite Sigure - still a Sigure virgin? (9/22)
wyolica - Castle of wind (9/29)

ACO - devil's hands (10/6)
People In The Box - Family Record (10/6)
iLL - Minimal Maximum (10/13)

I thought there were more but that's all I've got for now. :D
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audacity is a good friend of mine

So... I was bored. And since I'm digging Pi's new song and I like making useless music projects for myself, I decided to mess around with it and ended up with this.

Yamashita Tomohisa vs. Usher - One in a million (OMG mix)

It's Pi's vocals and Usher's music mashed up. I think it came out okay. I don't even like OMG all that much, but it seemed to fit. lol

[edit] i think i fixed it, it should be dl-able now.

tyfyt. :)

jimmy jimmy jimmy... aaja!

Irrelevant title is irrelevant. Although if you google it you just might find something amazing.

Man, I haven't updated in forever. Not much going on with me anyway though. Life is life. And by that I mean not at all interesting.

I continue to be behind in a lot of things Johnny's but I did just read Shige has a new drama in the spring called Troubleman. It's on TV Tokyo though lol. I don't usally watch TV Tokyo dramas cuz they always seem cheesy but this is a late night drama with a director who's done some interesting stuff so I'm looking forward to it. Best of luck, Shige Rockstar. Late night could mean ~*~adult situations~*~ lol

New NEWS single Sakura Girl! That makes me happy. Although... that just adds to the long list of must-have music for this year.

THE BAWDIES have a single coming out the week before and the week before that is the new telephones e.p. What to do, what to do?

I love how bands are discovering ustream. I've been staying up way late to watch LOSTAGE live as they record their album. So amazing. I could not be more grateful as a fan.

Shifting back to Johnny's, I'm going to miss Shukudaikun. That's the only Arashi show I watch (somewhat) regularly. I wish them luck on their new show, though. Prime time! Kanjani8 have a new show in the spring too. Seems they'll get to go around Japan doing cultural type stuff. Plenty of eating will be involved I am sure.

What else... V6 break up rumor. I am just gonna ignore it and if it happens I'll deal with it then.

Dramas take up the majority of my Japan related interests (aside from obsessing over bands) these days. I have lots to watch and am already scoping out the ones for spring. I hope the Yamamoto Yusuke one is true. Men's gymnastics you guyssss! As for this season, I fail to see the appeal of YamaNade. I'm pretty much watching it for Kato Seishiro and Uchi.

This entry is all over the place sooo I think I've rambled enough. XD
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Japanese bands/artists I loved in 2009 - Part 1

Jeez, I didn't update at all last month. Faillll. Anyhoo...

As 2009 comes to a close, I thought I'd make a post dedicated to all the great music I found this year (Johnny's not included lol). Mostly (makeup-less) j-rock with a little j-r&b/pop/hiphop. Maybe some stuff you've heard of, maybe not.

Under the cut: LOTS of youtube... and when I stop being lazy I'll put together a sampler (if anyone's interested).

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Hello friends old and new :)

Haha I feel like I post everywhere else but my own journal. Anyway, not too much going on here...

Umm... I've been checking out a lot of music lately and finding some great stuff from the world of j-rock. Maybe I will do a music post or something soon idk.

Just a few more days till the NEWS DVD, and K8 single. Good things, they are a-happenin. Oh! And the Koyashige/TegoMasu show! I already forgot when it starts but omg yay! I'm not really bothered Pi and Ryo aren't a part of it. Nothing against them, I still want a NEWS show, but I made it through Y3 without those two so, whatev.

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Happy Halloween!

gimme gimme

I'm very happy about the NEWS Diamond DVD. I wasn't expecting it but there it is. I'm especially excited about the special music clip portion. RECORDED SOLOS. God, every other group gets to have recorded solos and it would always suck cuz the only ones in NEWS with to have that were Ryo and Pi. Granted, there's TegoMasu and the KoyaShige songs, but still those aren't solos. FINALLY. FINALLYYYY.

Love Addiction. ♥ Koyamaaaaaa! I have wanted this forever. WANT NOW.

I remember liking Shige's Sha La La Tambourine (it reminded me of MONGOL800) so I'm really excited to see his too. Of course SUPERMAN will probably be cute since it's Massu. I honestly couldn't care less about Tego's Ai Nante... But I really dig code so that'll be cool, and I don't know what to expect from the MOLA remix but we'll see.

Speaking of Pi solos, Loveless, eh? An R&B ballad, you say? NGL, I laughed when I read that. It's going to be interesting I'm sure. I've been listening to Miura Daichi a lot lately and that's some real good J-R&B so my standards are quite high right now. Bring it, Yamashita! lol

At times like these I'm sad Kusano isn't around because we'll never get an awesome recorded version of She's All Mine. That's still one of my most favorite songs. Oh well, what can you do.

Anyway, I hope more goodness comes from NEWS.
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I don't even know what to think about ABDC. One of my favorite crews is gone. D: I hope Rhythm City can continue to have nights like tonight.

Aside from the fab bottom two performances, it was pretty lackluster. And, as a Bollywood fan, I should be excited about next week's challenge, but I'm not. I dunno... maybe I should just hope for the best.
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