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I'm very happy about the NEWS Diamond DVD. I wasn't expecting it but there it is. I'm especially excited about the special music clip portion. RECORDED SOLOS. God, every other group gets to have recorded solos and it would always suck cuz the only ones in NEWS with to have that were Ryo and Pi. Granted, there's TegoMasu and the KoyaShige songs, but still those aren't solos. FINALLY. FINALLYYYY.

Love Addiction. ♥ Koyamaaaaaa! I have wanted this forever. WANT NOW.

I remember liking Shige's Sha La La Tambourine (it reminded me of MONGOL800) so I'm really excited to see his too. Of course SUPERMAN will probably be cute since it's Massu. I honestly couldn't care less about Tego's Ai Nante... But I really dig code so that'll be cool, and I don't know what to expect from the MOLA remix but we'll see.

Speaking of Pi solos, Loveless, eh? An R&B ballad, you say? NGL, I laughed when I read that. It's going to be interesting I'm sure. I've been listening to Miura Daichi a lot lately and that's some real good J-R&B so my standards are quite high right now. Bring it, Yamashita! lol

At times like these I'm sad Kusano isn't around because we'll never get an awesome recorded version of She's All Mine. That's still one of my most favorite songs. Oh well, what can you do.

Anyway, I hope more goodness comes from NEWS.
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