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Hello friends old and new :)

Haha I feel like I post everywhere else but my own journal. Anyway, not too much going on here...

Umm... I've been checking out a lot of music lately and finding some great stuff from the world of j-rock. Maybe I will do a music post or something soon idk.

Just a few more days till the NEWS DVD, and K8 single. Good things, they are a-happenin. Oh! And the Koyashige/TegoMasu show! I already forgot when it starts but omg yay! I'm not really bothered Pi and Ryo aren't a part of it. Nothing against them, I still want a NEWS show, but I made it through Y3 without those two so, whatev.

I have started watching a few from the new season so here are some thoughts (based on the first episodes).

Tokyo DOGS: So far so good. Love Shun; he's quite funny with his humourlessness/mama's boy character. Yuriko is likeable as always. Hiro... I have issues with him but that's kind of an all the time thing. I don't know if it's the characters he plays, his acting, how he's directed or some combination of all three but sometimes he really gets on my nerves. However, overall, I think I'll like this drama especially once the chemistry really kicks in. Oh, who am I kidding, I wish Hiro's part was played by Eita. lol

Ohitorisama: Potential. If done well, this could turn out to be really cute. The first ep didn't do much for me but they had to set up the story, so I'm hopeful. I want some adorable Arisa/Teppei interaction!

Fumo Chitai: So good! I really enjoyed this. It's a great post-WWII drama; very well acted (lead actor Karasawa Toshiaki does a wonderful job), plenty of good people in the cast. I feel some people might overlook this drama, but it's worth checking out.

JIN: Everyone's raving about JIN already so what more can I say? Modern medicine + Japanese history. Definitely different. The operations are a bit icky for me but I can get past that.

ROMES: I love me some Ohyass but, man, that was bad. Still gonna watch it though...

My Girl: Not bad. I feel like I watched it forever ago so nothing in particular is coming to mind. Um. Aiba looked cute and had great jeans.

I still have plenty more to watch so this will have to be cotinued.

Happy Halloween!
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