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Japanese bands/artists I loved in 2009 - Part 1

Jeez, I didn't update at all last month. Faillll. Anyhoo...

As 2009 comes to a close, I thought I'd make a post dedicated to all the great music I found this year (Johnny's not included lol). Mostly (makeup-less) j-rock with a little j-r&b/pop/hiphop. Maybe some stuff you've heard of, maybe not.

Under the cut: LOTS of youtube... and when I stop being lazy I'll put together a sampler (if anyone's interested).

In alphabetical order...

8otto - Although they've been around a while, I didn't discover them until this year and I'm completely smitten by their sound. They are just really cool. I guess... sorta think The Strokes but Japanese.

andymori - This trio's 1st album released in February is one of my favorites this year and I can't wait for their 2nd album next February. They can be wild or melodic; either way their songs are great.

back number - If I had to pick my top 10 albums of '09 their Nogashita Sakana would definitely be in there somewhere. Their songs are very pretty; very emotional. Although, off stage they seem like total goofballs.

THE BAWDIES - Ah, these guys. The loves of my life! They released their first major label album THIS IS MY STORY and a very loaded single, IT'S TOO LATE (which made it to #10 on Oricon!!), this year. Their old school rock 'n' roll sound is so fun and catchy, it's hard not to like them. I like them so much, lead singer Roy gets a lifetime Engrish pass lol. Plus, they seem like really nice guys who truly love their fans. They call their concerts parties; I hope I get to party with them some day.

BRIGHT - Ooh, a girl group! I like them a lot; they have good voices and have put out some good music. I just hope they don't lose their R&B side. It's unfortunate they don't get as much promotion as they deserve. And the fact that avex is debuting a new girl group in January really pisses me off.

CHINZA DOPENESS - I still don't have his album 100% RAP yet, but what I've heard really intrigues me. He's got a different sound than what I expect from most rappers, which is what I like about him. I love this song sfm.

iLL - I don't even remember how I got him but, whatever, Force is simply a great rock album that shouldn't be missed.
(PV contains nudity although the bits aren't shown)

Leo Imai - His album LASER RAIN has a fun 80's vibe and his voice is kinda quirky but in a good way. You should definitely check him out.

lostage - More loves of my life. They are one of my all time favorite Japanese bands and their March album GO did not disappoint. To me, they can do no wrong. Sadly one of their members recently decided to leave the band so they'll be continuing on as a trio, but I know they'll still be kickass.

The Mirraz - All year I've been rocking their late 2008 release Oui!Oui!Oui! (so good) and now their recent NECESSARY EVIL is getting plenty of play too. Weird, wordy, fast and probably put on a good show. They also lost a band member recently, but are continuing on all right.

MOLICE - All right! Some estrogen! Another recent discovery for me. I saw a PV and was hooked, nuff said. Please check out DOCTOR RAY.

MONGOL800 - I can't forget Monpachi - another one of my all time favorite bands. This year they released eight-hundreds, their first album in 3 years. They sure have mellowed out over time but I'm not complaining. I'll love 'em forever.

MONICA URANGLASS - Their album The Tempation X is full of upbeat electro rock, or rock trance as they like to call it. Lots of stuff to get your head movin.

Miura Daichi - Time for a change of pace. This guy. I cannot say enough how good Who's The Man is. It's a really, really, good J-R&B album that should not be missed. If you think Yamapi's recent choreography is good, you should watch Daichi. Similar style but better executed (not hating, just being real). He is so fly, you don't even know.

OGRE YOU ASSHOLE - Now to round out the first half of my list, I bring you OYA. With their recent release Fog Lamp, OYA continues to be one of the best bands out there. I don't really know how to describe them - people call them post-punk, although I'm not even sure what that means. Anyway, every one of their releases is awesome, so I definitely recommend checking them out.

Alrighty, that's it for now. Part 2 coming soon. Thanks to anyone who read through this lol. XD

[edit] Here is Part 2.
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