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Irrelevant title is irrelevant. Although if you google it you just might find something amazing.

Man, I haven't updated in forever. Not much going on with me anyway though. Life is life. And by that I mean not at all interesting.

I continue to be behind in a lot of things Johnny's but I did just read Shige has a new drama in the spring called Troubleman. It's on TV Tokyo though lol. I don't usally watch TV Tokyo dramas cuz they always seem cheesy but this is a late night drama with a director who's done some interesting stuff so I'm looking forward to it. Best of luck, Shige Rockstar. Late night could mean ~*~adult situations~*~ lol

New NEWS single Sakura Girl! That makes me happy. Although... that just adds to the long list of must-have music for this year.

THE BAWDIES have a single coming out the week before and the week before that is the new telephones e.p. What to do, what to do?

I love how bands are discovering ustream. I've been staying up way late to watch LOSTAGE live as they record their album. So amazing. I could not be more grateful as a fan.

Shifting back to Johnny's, I'm going to miss Shukudaikun. That's the only Arashi show I watch (somewhat) regularly. I wish them luck on their new show, though. Prime time! Kanjani8 have a new show in the spring too. Seems they'll get to go around Japan doing cultural type stuff. Plenty of eating will be involved I am sure.

What else... V6 break up rumor. I am just gonna ignore it and if it happens I'll deal with it then.

Dramas take up the majority of my Japan related interests (aside from obsessing over bands) these days. I have lots to watch and am already scoping out the ones for spring. I hope the Yamamoto Yusuke one is true. Men's gymnastics you guyssss! As for this season, I fail to see the appeal of YamaNade. I'm pretty much watching it for Kato Seishiro and Uchi.

This entry is all over the place sooo I think I've rambled enough. XD
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