Rii (frozen_rii) wrote,

nothing looks crisp

Jeez, I never post anymore and when I do it's never really much of anything.

Today will be no different. LOL Work is work. Sometimes okay, sometimes no so okay. My conscience nags me about every little thing I may have possibly done wrong, so I don't sleep well if I don't feel like I did a good enough job at work. Me and my stupid issues.

Anyway, on one of the things that always makes me happy: music! Time for a new list. One of these days I'll do some reviews or a music pimp post or something.

J-Music Releases I'm Looking Forward To

ACO - devil's hands (10/6)
People In The Box - Family Record (10/6)
detroit7- Nude (10/6)
Fukurouzu - Gomen ne(10/6)
iLL - Minimal Maximum (10/13)
Miyavi - What's My Name? (10/13)
Kanjani8 - 8UPPERS (10/20)
BRIGHT - In Harmony (10/20)

To be continued. I'm too lazy to look anymore at the moment. XD
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