maybe i'm overthinking this but...

D'oh, I started this post earlier and then had to leave and forgot all about it.

Anyway...remind you of anyone?

This is Go in V6's new PV Guilty (in which they all look quite fab). I thought the pose was pretty cool.

Two gif posts in a row, well whaddayaknow.
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give a little whistle

I didn't know Koyama's doing karate. I need to start watching SC again. His arms looks so good. How I miss His Foxiness. I don't really know what's going on with anyone, which sucks because it's not like I don't have time to read/watch anything. It's those dramas! They've taken over my life. I can't remember the last time I saw a Kanjani8 show; gotta give them more love.

Although, to be honest, I should be focusing my attention on other, more important rl things...

Pointless update is pointless. I should eat, I am so hungry.
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so i says to mabel, i says...

Last week was cool. Spent my birthday with ilaila and we caught up on a bunch of shows - mainly Shukudaikun and SMAPxSMAP. Good times.

Had dinner with my family on Tuesday. It was a joint b-day celebration for me and my brother whose birthday was on Monday. He took me shopping and got me Wii Sports Resort. It's really funnnnnn. :DD

Ummmm what else? I dunno.

ABDC was just aight for me tonight. When We Are Heroes and Rhythm City got called first I was all "Final two!" and my mom was like, "Isn't it a little early?" Uh.. no. lol
I missed what next week's challenge is.

Random but whatev, when that VMA commercial with Taylor Swift singing in the back of a cab came on, it went on for so long I was sure it would end with some joke like her getting into a car accident or something. But she just kept singing and then she stuck her head out the window and I was all, okay NOW something's gonna happen. But, no, she just kept on warbling. I am seriously disappointed. And kind of enraged.

I DVR'd Diddy's new Starmaker show or whatever it's called. I am so weak.

Anyway, I'ma go now.
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japan wants my monies again

Over the weekend I listened to my entire Sparta Locals discog, so I think I've gotten all my mourning of their breakup out of my system. Godddddd. I am so glad I got to see them live. You bastards better have awesome new bands/solo projects.

Anyway, lots of new releases coming up so it's time to make a new list of what I'm looking forward to.

Ashita mata, waraeru you ni // Hanah (Aug 5)
I think Hanah is the best Japanese singer I have heard in a long time; wish I'd known about her sooner. I've been looking for good r&b and here it is. She's so different from the majority of what's out there, but I'm not going to get started on how much j-r&b has come to annoy me ('nother topic for another day). Anyway, the b-sides on the single sound amazing. Her indies album is probably great too.

Real Love // SAKURA (Aug 12)
She's back! SAKURA is one of my favorite singers of ever. Apparently this album is her return to r&b - she started out r&b then began working with her Hawaiian influences (lady loves her some ukelele). I've heard one song off the album so far and, while not exactly what I was expecting (still islandish), it wasn't bad. I wish she had song samples.

Guilty // V6 (Sept 2)
I can't turn away from a V6 release. I don't flail about them as much as I used to but the love is still there.

Rain // Domoto Tsuyoshi (Sept 9)
999! The Fish is back and he's using his own naaaame! Everything he does is highly anticipated. Everything.

Unknown single // THE BAWDIES (Oct ?)
I love these guys so much. This Is My Story is one of my favorite albums of 2009. I cannot wait for a new single. And Roy is purdy (he's like a cross between Matsuyama Kenichi and Narimiya Hiroki. i.e. dreamy)

Fog Lamp // OGRE YOU ASSHOLE (Oct 7)
These guys are so kickass. I listen to them and it's like... refreshing. I can't think of another band that sounds like them. I can't help but feel happy when their songs come on.

Ghost Apple // People In The Box (Oct 14)
Concept album. Curiouser and curiouser. Love the title though. Anyway, these are my mellow fellows. They have this post-rock heaviness which is contrasted by the singer's high vocals. lol that actually kinda sounded like I knew what I was talking about.

Necessary Evil // The Mirraz (Oct 14)
I love their manic style and wordy vocals. I couldn't sing a song of theirs without getting tongue twisted if my life depended on it, but damn it if it ain't fun to try.

That's all I can think of right now. Oh, Gomi Takahisa from lostage is gonna be on an album by miscorner/c+llooqtortion in October. Should be interesting. Guys named Takahisa are cool. XD (speaking of which, Massu on Karei Naru Spy!! YAY!)
I'm hoping for an andymori release; they've got two new songs at their site so maybe something's coming.

And Kanjani8 are gonna have something new at some point, right? I'd been reading about a new song. Lately I've been failing at fandom so I'm sure I've missed all kinds of info on everbody. I feel like I need more Koyama in my life but I never feel like watching HHS or SC. Anyhoo, I'm rambling so I shall go have a snack. Yes.
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feed me

Monthly update! lol

Soo what up LJ. Last time I posted I was gearing up for Anime Expo. That was a success in most ways. ParaPara panel was cool. MoMusu concert was cool. Got two really, really purrrrdy Hangry & Angry photo sets and t-shirt. Only thing is I couldn't get Yossi's autograph; tickets to the signing were sold out. She showed up at the concert though so I did get to see her a little. Oh yeah, I also wanted and H&A doll so bad but they were 100 bucks!!! Oh well, whatareyagonnado?

Life could be better. I need to try harder. And not stay up til 3am.

Um... right now I'm playing faux DJ again. Haha maybe I should've gone into music production. Audacity can only do so much. Anyway, I came up with the "brilliant" idea to make a non-stop music mix for no reason other than I was bored and needed a project. At first I kinda hated it, but now I think it's pretty good for my first try. It was harrrd.

2009 has been pretty fab music-wise. July alone has had some great releases. Going to listen to Coming Century's Hello-Goodbye soon. I love the title track so I think the whole mini album will be good.

Well, I am hungry so I shall go find some lunch.
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well, well.

Why, hallo there, LJ. I haven't updated in over a month. What can I say, my life is boring.
Still kind of WTFing over MJ. So weird...

Just sittin here, listening to my 5 star playlist. It is pretty nice.

Anime Expo next week. Going to the parapara panel and, if all goes well, I will be seeing Yoshizawa Hitomi. OMGYOSSI! I know I haven't paid much attention to Hello! Project lately (not that it matters cuz most of the ones i care about ~*graduated*~), but Yossi has never stopped being an idol fave of mine. I hope to bring home an autograph and some sort of Hangry paraphernalia, preferably a doll.

I should go to bed since I'm not really doing anything. Spent the last couple of hours trying to fill stuff in on my family tree. I'm kind of obsessed with it for some reason. Last night while searching the internets I came across myspage pages of my half-sisters whom I don't know at all and, man, talk about two different worlds. They're probably not bad people but I found myself irritated by the self-proclaimed bad bitch with pics of herself flipping the bird. :|

Watched the first hour of Race, which within the first few minutes I labeled "the most ridiculous Bollywood movie I've ever seen," but then it got kinda good so I will have to finish it and see how it turns out.

And... I think I just realized I missed Better Off Ted this week. Damn it. Oh well, I watched a majority of the episodes online anyway. Now I have something to do instead of going to bed. I don't know why I am making sleep my enemy. I love it so.

Oh, how nice, Rainbow came on. The SC version with Kusano. ♥
What a pleasant way to end this entry. :)
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off to the market

My hair looks like a hot 80's pageant mess. D: That's what I get for asking for something different.

Anyway... let's see... Shige's Rockstar's SEMINAR starts tonight, doesn't it. I bet he's nervous, what with his having to get his freak on on stage. Good luck, kiddo. XD

What else. Oh, yes, dramas. Operation Watch Eleventy Dramas This Season is going well. I think I'm currently at 13. So far I haven't seen any I want to stop watching so here's hoping for a complete season of everything.

Ah, as much as I'm looking forward to MR. BRAIN I'm gonna miss Godhand Teru. Yuuta's so cute and dorky and the drama has a silly but endearing quality that makes me wanna hug it. Oh well, whatareyagonnado. And Kame's guesting on MR. BRAIN and I'm cool with that. Kame and Kimura. That shot of Kimmy all up in Kame's face cracks me the hell up. Happy to see Ayase Haruka again and as for Mizushima... Haha, I'm pretty over him. I like him but was never super crazy about him to begin with and now it's like... I want to put him away in a box somewhere for a little while. Maybe he'll be super fantastic great next season. We'll see.

The Takki/Ryo drama sounds interesting. I haven't seen a Takki drama since Majo no Jouken, but that's one of my all time faves so I'm looking forward to next season. The whole hands of a god/devil thing is very intriguing.

So I hear KAT-TUN have a concert or something? Haha, kidding, I'd be pretty blind to not see all the dome stuff. Jin's duet with Crystal Kay is pretty nifty.

Hmm with all the new release I need to make a new CDs I Want List.
Dance Floor Monsters // the telephones (July 8th)
eight-hundreds // MONGOL800 (July 8th)
Kanshou Chuudoku // FLiP (May 20th)
Spirit // V6 (June 17th)

Is that all? I thought there were more.
Chozen ParaPara!! presents Campus Summit 2009 ~ 15th Anniversary~ (June 24th)

Gah I just found out NORISIAM-X changed her name to URALi. Must check out her new album. If her PV is any indication, I think I'm gonna like it. :D Haven't listen to J-HipHop in soo long.
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long live cafe disco!

Hey May,
Thanks for all the cool peeps. Koyama, Yoko, Ohkura, Inocchi. I ♥ u gaiz.
And Jim! From THE BAWDIES. He's adooorable. ♥
I've got lots of honorary ice cream to eat!

Speaking of The Bawdies, they continue to blow my mind. Acoustic! dsflakslovethisband. They really, really need to come to the U.S.
Hehehe, "sowwow." Oh, Roy. ♥
And they're not immune to bouts of geekery either. The looks on their faces after Marcy delivers his final comment kills me every time. XD

Anyway, that's my pimpage for the day. I'm off to see what Yoko goodness the fandom has to offer lol. XD
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